KingJames34° launches in Kenya

The King James Group SA has launched KingJames34° in Kenya.

KingJames34° launches in Kenya

The King James Group SA has launched KingJames34° in Kenya. “This announcement really marks the introduction of King James Group Africa,” says James Barty, King James Group co-founder and CEO. Retail and shopper marketing agency, 34°, was acquired in August 2019.

“We’ve always wanted to expand into other parts of the continent but wanted to make sure we did it in a way that was true to King James — through local partnerships that bring local talent and expertise. Kenya was always our dream so this is the exciting culmination of a long-held ambition for the group,” add Barty.

KingJames34° will become the group’s third office after Cape Town and Johannesburg. It is the start of a future-focused journey for King James Group Africa, says Barty, which aims to drive creative excellence across Africa through its independent agency network approach.