Personal Assistant

Cape Town Administration King James 21 July 2017

Does this sound like you?

You are the go to person to get the job done, always willing to help and adaptable to change. Enthusiastic with boundless energy and you thrive in a fast paced, creative and dynamic environment.

You love to be busy and enjoy working with lots of different people. You always do more than is necessary.  You don’t sweat the silly stuff. You don’t do gossip. You’re discreet and respect confidentiality,

You love working to deadlines. You’re a workhorse not a show pony.

You have excellent verbal and written communication skills with fine attention to detail. And, you’re just lekker.

What skills do you need?

We are looking for a PA, with at least 2-3 years’ worth of relevant experience. The successful candidate will ideally have a background in a creative industry. Must have good, working experience of MS Office Skills; Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Keynote is a bonus. A hunger to learn new software systems is a must.

What will you be doing?

Working to support our 2 Executive Creative Directors, our Deputy Managing Director and our Talent Manager on a day-to-day basis,

This new role requires someone who is highly organised and able manage busy workloads. This brand new role requires a strong communicator and someone who relishes working in a fast-paced, evolving workspace. A person who approaches tasks in a positive, proactive manner and someone who is always one-step ahead. Tasks will include but not limited to (we’ll make it up as we go along)

·  Manage our diaries

·  Assist in putting presentations, minutes, agendas together

·  Coordinate creative award entries

·  Manage the administration of our recruitment, training and induction programmes under the guidance of our Talent Manager

·  Be generally helpful


Account Director

Cape Town Client Service King James ll 21 July 2017

Job description

We are looking for a driven and accomplished Account Director to join our client service team in Cape Town, working on a leading financial account. Big brand experience is a must. The role requires extensive multi-tasking across the client portfolio. The right candidate will need to be experienced in all disciplines from ATL, design and promotional marketing to digital and social media. 


Minimum, requirements include but are not limited to:

·  Tertiary qualification in Advertising or Marketing

·  Full intergrated experience in ATL/BTL/digital

·  Minimum of five years recognised ATL advertising agency experience with preference given to financial experience.

·  Strategic thinker and ability to think creatively.

·  Superb interpersonal skills coupled with the ability to work independently as well as part of a team

·  Able to meet tight deadlines and work in a fast-paced environment

·  Having a hands on approach is essential

·  Excellent attention to detail

·  Exceptional writing and communication skills

·  Excellent command of English, both written and verbal

·  Hard working and eager to learn attitude

·  Strong leadership skills

·  Willingness to travel when required

Preference will be given to AA candidates.

To start: As soon as possible


Optimisation Specialist

Johannesburg Specialist Punk Media 06 July 2017



The job profile listed below is for the Optimisation Specialist role in our business.
This individual must have a good background in the digital space and up to date knowledge in the SEO/Optimisation/UX field of digital marketing.

It is imperative that this individual keeps up to date with all SEO/Optimisation/UX changes and growth in the industry by doing constant reading and personal upskilling.

Some Critical Information:
Factors that will impact your job profile and the ability to deliver on it for a client are listed below. The below issues need to be monitored and reported to your manager should they become a problem.

  How responsive our client is to a request

  How well resourced our client is to assist with queries, information  and changes.

  The clients’ budget and hours allocated to the account.

  Anything else the individual deems of importance that has a direct effect on client’s work.

Why your role exists in our agency:

Despite the information stated above, many of our clients are large national brands with a centralised marketing function. Their business does not have the skills, resources or knowledge to fulfill their own optimisation needs on a monthly basis. They also primarily do not have the skills to manage this offering themselves.
We are an outsourced solution that assists marketing managers and business owners to get the maximum benefits of digital marketing by effectively managing their optimisation needs and delivering equally effective reporting.

What we expect of you:

  To always be forward planning in your job

  Find courses and training programmes to attend and keep you up to date on the latest trends in your industry

  Share knowledge with your colleagues and managers daily

  Look for insights in your client’s data and reports and share the nuggets of gold with them on a frequent basis.

  Manage your time effectively and don’t miss deadlines that are set

  If you feel a deadline will be missed, convey this to management long in advance!

  Check your work before sending it to be quality checked, just because it is being quality checked does not mean you should not check it yourself first!

  Check your work before sending it out to client; work cannot be fixed once it is in the client’s hands. No spelling and grammar mistakes will be tolerated.

Necessary Skills and knowledge required for the job:

  Microsoft word

  Microsoft Excel

  Microsoft PowerPoint and keynote (when necessary)

  Email etiquette and management

  Intimate knowledge of Google Analytics

  Intimate knowledge of Google Tag Manager

Key Deliverables for the job:

  Delivery of monthly reports

  Monitoring heat maps and page videos

  Sending error reports when necessary

  Uploading articles to clients’ pages

  Delivery of monthly crawl issue reports

  Updates to UX clients on polls, surveys and pop up banners.

Key metrics to report on:

  Hours spent on client’s monthly

  Contact hours with the clients (meeting and phone calls)

  Traffic data

  Direct traffic

  Organic search traffic

  Referral traffic

  Browser traffic

  Mobile traffic

  Social traffic

  Competitive link analysis


  Organic keywords

  Location analytics

  Page loading time

Some necessary questions we have answered for the role:

  Who does this person report to?
Ryan Sauer (director); relevant account managers. 

  Who reports to this person?
At this time no one, but maybe someday soon? 

  What tools are required for the job?


  Google analytics

  All tool passwords




  Microsoft office license

  Who will you need to speak with in the agency?

  The traffic manager to ensure all deadlines are scheduled

  The operations manager when process changes are necessary

  Your clients account manager

What is the job description:
You will be expected to do the following:

Auditing & Strategy Planning:

·  Conduct Technical Site Audit (SEO) supported by an action plan;

·  Explain technical terminology and processes in layman terms;

·  Run with content auditing and provide content strategies;

·  Conduct user-experience (UX) audits;

·  Competitor analysis & research

·  Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimise existing content and uncover new opportunities

·  Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages

·  Provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific (content strategy for client, optimising and uploading content)

·  Administer search engine programmes (XML sitemaps, webmaster tools) for purposes of diagnostic reporting on client projects

  Help to create and support marketing content to socialise and use for social media purposes (e.g. customer videos briefs, customer case studies, blog posts, posts from analysts and customers)

  Implement link building campaigns in coordination with client SEO goals.

  Assist in development and execution of communication/content strategies via social communities in coordination with SEO goals

  Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance client goals

  Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels

  Work closely with the other team members to meet client goals

  On-site optimisation

  Social media content planning

  Monthly Reporting

  XML Sitemap generation

UX & Optimisation:

·  Preparation, setup and measurement of split-testing campaigns;

·  HTML/CSS Skills to setup split-testing;

·  Identify slow-loading web pages and recommend fixes;

·  Monitor server uptime and performance;

·  Installation of social sharing widgets;

·  Preparation of promotional pop-up banners;

·  Track heat maps on web pages;

·  Setup conversion funnels to improve on conversion rates;

Performance Analysis & Reporting

·  Setup, configuration and analysis of Google Analytics reports;

·  Setup event tracking via Google Tag Manager;

·  Analyse heat maps to find common patterns;

Necessary Experience:

·  3+ years of experience

·  Sample work to showcase your skill set

·  Fast learner and constantly looking to expand the service offerings;

·  No compromise on attention to detail

·  Ability to work collaboratively with teams and inspire confidence

Soft skills required for the job:

  Strong organisational skills

  Strong planning skills

  Strong communication skills

  Coping under pressure

  Pull insights comfortably

KPIs to achieve in your role

  Number of reports generated

  Quality of insights generated

  Volume of article and industry info shared with the team and account management

  Number of new tools tested

  Competitor analysis completed

  Report enhancement implemented

  Clients key metrics changed and achievements

In Closing:

Please make sure you have read this document and that you are familiar of what is expected of you.
Should you require any further clarity or direction on how to deliver on the items stated above, please write a concise list and discuss this with your reporting manager. A review of this document will be held quarterly whereby your deliverables will be measured against the requirements lists above. This forms your job role. Should you wish to add items to the list, these can be discussed in divisional meetings and you are always encouraged to expand on the items above and enhance your abilities and knowledge. We look forward to working with you to ensure you stay CHALLENGED, HUNGRY, FOCUSED AND BRILLIANT.


Social Media Producer

Johannesburg Social Media Punk 06 July 2017


The role responsibilities:

Platform management:

·  Setting up / registering social media channels 

·  Creating about copy and permanent information and proactively updating it as channels gain new features

·  Creating briefs alongside client service on the correct format of content required for platforms e.g. Cover images etc

·  Regularly checking dashboards to have a good knowledge of current activity

·  Regularly researching and understanding new features e.g. New Instagram carousel photos + sharing this knowledge with the team

  • Community management:

·  Being responsible for community managers to ensure they are hitting the SLA

·  Stepping in during busy times / holidays or a crisis situation to assist community managers

·  Ensuring community managers are brief on the client and campaigns 

·  Ensuring community managers have materials required 

·  Drafting FAQs / responses alongside creative / community managers

·  Assisting in development of community management approach and strategy

·  General troubleshooting 

  • Content management:

·  Creating briefs for always-on content alongside client service e.g. feeding back on what has worked previously

·  Drafting and managing content plan outlines 

·  Communicating correct specs / formats in briefs 

·  Double-checking formatting

·  Uploading always-on content e.g. Videos / posts / cover image changes etc

·  Creating tags / annotations / playlists / featured videos etc

·  Final proof-read all content before going live

  • Influencer management:

·  Maintaining a database of influencers for your client portfolio

·  Working with production department to create partnerships with influencers 

·  Briefing influencers 

·  Managing content from influencers (alongside production where appropriate)

·  Managing drops (with assistance from AEs and community managers where needed)

  • Content creation:

·  Live –tweeting / posting from an event

·  Spotting of tactical opportunities

·  Copywriting (typically this would be unplanned content e.g. a piece of news from Sanlam)

  • Ad management:

·  Creating content plans / timelines for media agencies 

·  Maintaining a master content plan including ads

·  Ensuring community managers have links for all live ads and maintaining a calendar of what is live 

·  Checking all ads to ensure they are live correctly

·  Checking consumer response on ads (is it negative? Do we need to pull ads)

  • Campaign development:

·  Attending internal production meetings – feeding actions into wider team

·  Attending internal planning / status meetings 

·  Working with suppliers (where they are not managed by another part of the agency)

·  Researching / advising on how we use platforms or ad units e.g. What format do we need content for in a Canvas ad or how   do we use Instagram live

·  Maintaining a project timeline which shows how all elements come together (this may involve consolidating timing plans from project management for resource / production for external content and the content plan)


Adding data from media agencies and platform dashboards to a month-end report

Providing insights to client service / strategy